Asynchronous Google+ Button For Faster Loading

There is no choice for Webmasters to add the Google+ button with other Social Networking buttons like Facebook to their websites, because these social buttons will increase their website traffic and attract visitors to share useful articles across the network, family, friends and colleagues. It remains relevant upgrade Galaxy Note 4 vs. Note 8 to a newer version. Now coming to actual point, by adding these social buttons to website will increase the page loading time of a website. Because each buttons comes with their own JavaScript file which needs to be loaded while page loads. So, there is only one option either we combine all JavaScript’s together or load each scripts asynchronously.

Google recently announced they have made Google+ button which loads much faster than other because they enabled asynchronous loading. Asynchronous means the embedded JavaScript code button gets loaded without interrupting the loading and rendering of a website.

Webmasters can now easily integrate the new button by visiting the Google+ button code generator Here.

Selec the size and generate the code for your Google+ button and add the first code “where you want to button to appear” and add the second code at the “closing body tag“. Refer screen below.

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