Importance Of Post Title Limit In Search Engines

Post Titles play very important role in bringing good amount of traffic to your blog or website from Search Engines like GoogleYahoo, and MSN. Every Post has a Post Title which is responsible for bringing traffic to your blog. But if what your blog Post Titles are not very well optimized according to Search Engines. Here we discuss about How to write a rich and full length SEO Post Titles for your blog, that may take your blog to high level on Search Engines rankings.

Google and Yahoo both are Mega Search Engines, but Google has more value then Yahoo, because most of traffic we receive from Google than Yahoo. But still we don’t ignore Yahoo. Both have their limits for Post Titles.

a). Google has 66 characters limit for Post Titles.
b). Yahoo has 120 characters limit for Post Titles.

Post Title Example

The following Post Title has 85 characters including spaces.

12 Useful Tips and Tricks To reduce The Load Time Of Your Blogger Hosted Blogs

  • Google Will display only 66 characters like below,

12 Useful Tips and Tricks To reduce The Load Time Of Your……

  • Yahoo will display full length 120 characters like below,

12 Useful Tips and Tricks To reduce The Load Time Of Your Blogger Hosted Blogs

See above the difference between both Google and YahooGoogle has cropped the Post Title to first 66 characters and Yahoo displays the full Post Title. So, cropped and incomplete Post Titles will not much attractive to your readers or visitors compare to a fully displayed title.

How To Write Optimized Post Titles For Google And Yahoo

The best way to create a long Post Titles (i.e 120 characters) in order to make sure that the both titles looks good for Google and Yahoo. The optimized title should be primary title (for Google) and secondary title (for Yahoo). The primary title must be 66 characters limit and the secondary title can be any length but limit to 120 characters in length. See example below very well optimized Post Title.

From now your visitors will see Primary title in Google and (Primary + Secondary) title in Yahoo. From now your BLOG will receive maximum traffic from these both Search Engines.

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