New Way To Submit Updated URLs To Google Indexing

Google recently introduced a new way for submission of new and updated links for faster indexing. This new feature will be more helpful for those new websites and blogs as well as many webmasters for faster indexing of their pages in Google Search. Before webmasters have to wait for Google to come and crawl their pages but now Google added a new way to submit all new updated links for faster indexing.

Crawling and Indexing both are different things. Crawling is the process to discover new and updated pages for Google index and Indexing stores the crawled information and location of each pages for search results. But its not necessary that Google Crawler crawl all the new updated URLs for indexing. But the new way of submission made easy for updated URLs to get indexed by Googlebot, rather than waiting for Google to crawl and index them. But still we cannot guaranteed that the new pages get indexed or not. You can see the excerpt of the announcement below:

When you submit a URL in this way, Googlebot will crawl the URL, usually within a day. We’ll then consider it for inclusion in our index. Note that we don’t guarantee that every URL submitted in this way will be indexed; we’ll still use our regular processes—the same ones we use on URLs discovered in any other way—to evaluate whether a URL belongs in our index.

This is much awaited feature by Google. Why because earlier all webmasters mainly depends on Google to crawl and index their newly updated pages. Sometimes it takes too much time to crawl and index them. But this new system allows webmasters to submit their updated pages for faster indexing through Webmaster Tools.

How To Submit Updated Links In Webmaster Tools

1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.

2. If you haven’t submitted your website/blog to Google Webmaster, then read How To Add Website/Blog To Google Webmaster.

3. It can be found under Webmaster Tools –> Diagnostics –> Fetch as Googlebot.

4. Next add your updated URL for indexing and click button Fetch. See screenshot.

5. Once you’ve added URL click on Submit to index.

6. Next it will ask you to submit URL or URL and all linked pages.

7. Choose URL and click on Submit button.

8. Once you submitted you will see URL submitted to index notice.

Note : Only 50 individual URL are allowed to submit per week and 10 individual URL and linked URLs are allowed to submit per month.

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