Replace Blogger Profile With Google+ Profile

Googole+ now offering Blogger users to replace their existing Blogger profiles with Google+ profile. Switching your default Blogger profile with Google+, all your exiting PostsCommentsand Author Profile will be redirected to your Google+ profile. At present this option is available to all Blogger users under Blogger Draft, but in few weeks it will be accessible from

This feature is in beta version, users can switch back to their Blogger profile anytime. The main purpose of offering this option to Blogger is to integrate more Google+ services with Blogger.

Switching Offers Three Main Features

1. You will get benefited with new upcoming Google+ services on Blogger.

2. Your Blog will be listed and linked to your Google+ profile in Google search results for your social connections. This will increase your blog traffic. See below example.

3. You will get a Unique identity (Common Name) for all your Google Accounts. Your Common Name is the nickname of your Google+ profile.

Most Important Notes

However switching seems to be exciting but you need to know first below important things before switching:

  • Upon switching to your Google+ profile, you will have the option of reverting back to your Blogger profile for 30 days. After that, your Blogger profile data will be deleted.
  • Information on your Blogger profile won’t be transferred to your Google+ profile, so copy your Blogger profile information to your Google+ profile before switching

Switch Blogger Profile To Google+ Profile

1. Visit the Url Switch to Google+ profile.

2. Follow and read given instructions carefully, then click on “Switch Now” button.

3. Your Done!

Try this new feature after you have taken backup of your Blogger profile data and explore it. If you don’t like then revert back, but make sure you revert back within 30 days. Hope your enjoyed this new feature.

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